Glass has always held a very deep fascination for me. I started with stained glass, but quickly switched over to fused glass (kiln formed glass) since it gave me far greater control over the medium.

Glass fusing is primarily about color for me, and the conscious use of all the elements of graphic design (line, shape, form, color, texture, pattern, etc) when creating sculptures, wall hangings, tiles, or other items for home decor.

I'm a good photographer, glass artist, or graphic designer only when my work rest solidly on the principles of design.

This is primarily what I teach in my glass fusing classes. Many people think they aren't creative. Once they realize the elements of design are the basis of arts and crafts, then they have something to hold onto, something to work with.

Update August 2016

Several years ago I closed down my studio, having achived much of what I set out to accomplish. There is always more of course.

I am currently doing research for new directions as my muse directs. She is an unreletless task master.
Fused Glass Design